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Map views: 119% Increase!

Lakewood Family has served Anderson Indiana. They built a strong base of patients simply through excellent dental work and word of mouth referral. Naturally, in an effort to expand, Lakewood offices hired a marketing agency to implement an organic national SEO campaign. They paid around $2000 a month for online ads, backlinks, and website optimization. The return on investment for the campaigns was less than they had hoped for—to put it mildly. And the local SEO footprint was non-existent. A direct search of their practice failed to deliver in the 3-pack (or even show up in the top 10 on Google Maps.) The office experienced no increase in the number of phone calls they received (actual results showed diminishing call volume year over year.)

Then they discovered Rank Guardian! They turned the problem over to a dedicated team of experts who dominated local search. Our team, optimized their GMB listing, did thousands of citations, consistently publish photos & videos, did posts, responded to reviews, as well as other unique techniques in order to dominate local search. With the power of Pro Services from Rank Guardian, Lakewood Dental has seen increases across the board for a fraction of what they were paying before. In a 6-month test period (compared to the previous year’s data,) Charles Martin DDS, the office almost tripled map views, more than doubled its website visits, AND a 68% increase in phone calls which leads to appointments and real, actionable value for the office.

Website visit: 61% Increase!

Calls: 100% Increase!

With this new traffic and increase in business, Lakewood is feeling the growth. They hired three new dental staff just to keep up with the number of new patients they are bringing in.

Why should you care? More calls, clicks, views and direction requests mean more customers, more conversions and more opportunities won. 71 new patients booked, exclusively through their 3-pack google my business listing (we used call tracking) converted to $25,000 more in sales in a single month. Talk about insane ROI!

Screenshot below is from Patient Prism it is exclusive to our dental clients.

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